Pantsless Radio

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Pantsless Radio

AIW Archives Promo Code!

Our good friends at AIW ( have opened an amazing On Demand streaming site at! Sign up and use promo code 'Pantsless' to get 25% off for up to six months!

Pantsless Radio: Brass Monkey

Wiggy and Yolanda return to talk all kinds of wrestling (Extreme Rules, CZW, Superkick'd, Alpha 1, Abaddon and WSU), light up shoes, The King's awesome twitter then chat with Best of the Best 14 winner, 'Speedball' Mike Bailey about green tea, drag queens and the proper etiquette required to pop the question to a lady (no, not THAT question)! 


Dojo Wars Interview with George Gatton

The CZW's Dojo Wars interview series returns as Wiggy chats with George Gatton about training, chasing dreams and his colorful past refereeing. 

Pantsless Radio: The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth

Wiggy and Yolanda return to discuss the biggest wrestling weekend of the year and are joined by good friend/drunk Wiggy's babysitter, Todd Joerchel of Filsinger Games. They talk about Wrestling Geek Fest, a wrestling/gaming convention all three will be heavily involved with coming this August and what fans can expect, including an AIW show. Then they get into the hits and misses of the Hall of Fame ceremony, Wrestlemania and Raw, gay porn, Mortal Kombat and lots more!


Dojo Wars Interview with Trooper Audubon

In the latest in the CZW's Dojo Wars interview series, Wiggy chats with Trooper Audubon about wrestling in Dojo Wars, managing in CZW and what the future could hold for the remnents of The Front.